Organizing Hacks You Can Try for Your Garage

People often use their garage as a home gym or a place to work, but the space can get cluttered quickly, making it hard to use as needed. When spring comes around, it’s a great time to clean out and organize your garage, using different kinds of storage to make the most of the space. 

This article tells you how to store things in your garage and gives you a list of things to do to clean it so you can get ready for spring and prepare for garage cabinets

Before you start putting things away in your garage, you’ll want to make a plan for how to deal with the mess. First, look at your floor plan to figure out how much space you have in your garage. Take measurements before you buy something so you don’t end up with something that doesn’t fit.  

Everything in your garage can be put into a category, and putting things away will be easier if you sort them by category first. Other things, like paint or luggage, should be kept somewhere else, especially if your garage doesn’t have a way to control the temperature. Once you have put everything into different groups, it will be easier to put each group’s things in the right place.  

When you get rid or separate of all your stuff, you might notice that the concrete slab floor doesn’t look like much. If your house isn’t brand new, you might see marks or stains from projects that were done in the past. If you put an epoxy coating on your garage floor, it won’t get oil stains and will be as easy to clean as your kitchen counters. No matter what you plan to do in your garage, it will be easier to clean up messes or spills. Your garage floor will also look better with an epoxy coating. This will make it feel more like home. 

If there is a gap between your garage door and the floor, rainwater, bugs, pests, and leaves can get into your garage. Put a rubber strip on the floor where the garage door closes to close this gap. By closing this hole, you’ll keep the inside of your garage and your projects from getting damaged. 

Most of the time, these leaks are in the walls or ceiling, and hot or cold air can get in. This makes it hard to control the humidity. When the humidity gets too high in your garage or home, it can hurt your house and things in it. 

Cabinets for storing things are a great way to get ready for your next home improvement or gardening project. Most of the time, you can lock these cabinets to keep your kids from getting to dangerous tools. 

 A lot of the space in your garage that you don’t use is over your head. You can put up storage above your head to store things you don’t use as often, like a ladder or holiday decorations. 

Spring Cleaning To-Do List for Your House

Now that it’s already spring, it only means that most people would want to put away their winter clothes, declutter, and use their time to perform a bit of spring cleaning. However, there are actually even more vital tasks that you need to consider doing once that spring season kicks off. If you want to prevent any signs of mold damage, fire damage, and water damage, listed below are some of the major projects that you must include in the to-do list for your spring-cleaning project.  

Kitchen cleaning 

Clean and shiny cabinets are some of the elements of your home that can make your kitchen look stunning. The oil slick that potentially amasses up on your kitchen cabinets is a mixture of oil, lotion, kitchen grease, and food smears. All-purpose cleaning solutions are not usually equal to the challenge. When you have a self-cleaning oven, you need to remember some points before you fire it up. Also, you need to consider cleaning your fridge during this spring season to make it more effective and efficient.  

Clean ducts and clothes dryer vents 

Make sure to inspect the attached house to your clothes dryer at least once every year. When the vents of your clothes dryer are clogged, it can surely lead to disastrous fire risk and damage yearly. Obstructions of dirt and lint can easily result in house fires. Hence, it’s important to unclog your ducts and dryer vents properly.  

Air duct cleaning 

People tend to neglect the idea of getting air duct cleaning for months or even years. But, what they fail to consider is the importance of this service. Air duct cleaning is vital to prevent mold, dust, and dirt from accumulating within your air ducts. When you or one of your family members have extreme respiratory ailments like allergies, then it’s crucial for you to get professional air duct cleaning to make sure that your home’s air quality is maintained well.  

Clean out your gutter 

Perhaps you don’t know it, the winter season can pose damage to your home’s exterior. The accumulation of debris like twigs, leaves, etc. can cause water damage, which can be a lot more serious issue to handle compared to a clogged gutter. Hence, as the temperatures start to warm, and the showers in springtime inevitable take place, it’s important to be proactive and have your gutters cleaned using wither your hands or a rain gutter scoop—and see to it that you’re wearing gloves to prevent getting cuts.  

Deep carpet cleaning 

This does not only refer to merely vacuuming and sweeping your carpets. While those are some of the house chore maintenances that should be done for your house every week, a deep carpet cleaning involves expert cleaning with the right tools particularly made to reach the bacteria and dirt that cannot be seen from the human eye. Raleigh carpet cleaning companies have the best tools and equipment that they use to give you and deep and thorough carpet cleaning.